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Marg from Australia

I had wanted to travel to Nepal for a long time. When the opportunity came a friend recommended Mr. Min. What a blessing. He returned our email promptly and put together a cohesive program from all the ideas we gave him. Everything was well organised and our guides were helpful and knowledgeable. Mr. Min would ring to check that everything was going according to plan and that we were fine. He also organised our trekking section as well again providing excellent guides. after we left Nepal we travelled to India Mr. Min also organised this section of our trip and co-ordinated with an Indian company. Our holiday was an amazing experience with many highlights. Wonderful people and magnificent scenery. Mr. Min I am sure contributed a great deal to making our holiday such a success. I would recommend Mr. Min for anyone looking to travel to Nepal or its surrounds. I feel proud to call him a friend. Email: butcherflats@harboursat Australia.

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